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Texas Hold'em Poker mit System Band 2: Fortgeschrittene und Experten. Das Poker-Workout: Das Arbeitsbuch für alle, die ihr Spiel trainieren und spielend Geld verdienen Schachmatt für verbale Fouls: Erfolgsrezepte für Schlagfertigkeit im Beruf. The Sicilian Richter Rauzer Contemporary chess openings. Book Hoe leer ik schaken. Das Skatspiel. Schafkopf und Ekarté. Der Kölner Karneval im Spiegel des Jahres Freude am Fernschach. Schach ohne Partner. Eine unterhaltsame Einführung in das Problemschach mit über ausgewählten Spiel, Tanz und Märchen.

Die Zeitschrift Für Den Schachfreund. Jahrgang, Komplett. Jahrgang, - nicht ganz vollständig. Spiel und Freud in freier Zeit. Das Spiel-, Sport-und Bastelbuch für deutsche Jungen daheim, auf Mechanisch blikken speelgoed. Spiel und Spielmittel im Blickpunkt verschiedener Wissenschaften und Fächer. Spielzeug und Kinderleben in Frankfurt: Schach bei Franckh Das Mittelspiel im Schach: Amateur vom Mittelspiel wissen sollte ; Rat There's a very quick short cut I'm going to show you that immediately know your pot odds.

If you know how much is in the pot, and you know what percentage of the pot your opponent bet, then you can easily know your pot odds. If my opponent makes a pot-sized bet, I'm getting 2: If they make a half pot-sized bet, I'm getting 3: If they make a quarter pot-sized bet, I'm getting 5: If they make a double pot-sized bet, I'm getting 1. Half the pot is 2: Anything in between is going to be somewhere between 2: In the case of a three-quarters pot-sized bet, that would be the exact midpoint, and that would be 2. So there are some quick ways to calculate your pot odds.

La carta que transformar un proyecto en una mano hecha se denomina out. Cuando una carta así aparece en el turn o river decimos que hemos "ligado un out". Quando si gioca a Hold'em si giocano progetti in continuazione. Bisogna tenere quindi presente entrambi i tipi di odds, sia le "immediate" che quelle "implied" per giocare in maniera vincente. Le odds immediate sono facili da calcolare. Se gli odds contro di voi sono meglio di 3,5 a 1 allora fate bene a vedere. Le implied odds sono gli odds che prendono in considerazione anche le puntate che si faranno nelle fasi successive di una stessa mano. Come giocano gli avversari? Sono giocatori TAG tight-aggressive?

Sono giocatori che riflettono molto o impulsive? Una buona maniera per rispondere a queste domande è studiare sempre gli avversari per capire come si comportano in diverse fasi del gioco in base alle carte che hanno in mano. Andrea docet, se lanci un dado quante probabilità hai che esca un 3? La matematica non è u muricciolo. Per me ha ragione Daniele. Abbiamo 12 outs quindi 12 volte chiudiamo il progetto mentre 35 non lo chiudiamo. Quindi siamo sfavoriti E' corretto non conteggiarle? Conoscete 5 carte delle 52 che ci sono nel mazzo; vuol dire che esistono ancora 47 carte sconosciute, di cui 12 vi permetteranno di vincere il colpo. Basta fare Dalla nostra prima messa online nel ad oggi ci siamo sicuramente evoluti, ingranditi, riuscendo a diventare il principale punto di riferimento per tutti i giocatori di poker online nel mondo, ma nonostante il nostro successo e tutti questi cambiamenti la nostra missione è rimasta sempre la stessa.

Example 3. If you ever want to get a handle on Texas Hold'em poker odds, it's imperative you learn how to count all your outs. Obviously, before you can begin to count outs, you have to know the poker hand rankings forward and backwards so start there if you don't know them. After you know the poker hand rankings you need to be able to read the board. Are there possible straights or flushes? Is the board paired? All of these things may affect your outs. Here's a simple outs cheat sheet covering the most common situations you'll be in after the flop definitions for the terms are below the list:. Any card that will bring you the best hand is considered an out.

But be careful not to count outs that will potentially give your opponent a better hand. For example, if you have an open-ended straight draw but there's two to a suit on the flop, you only have six outs since two of your outs will bring a flush to anyone holding the flush draw. When counting outs you need to first make a guess you hope an accurate guess about what cards your opponent is playing. The specifics of your opponent's hand will greatly affect the number of outs you may or may not have.

How many outs do you have? Depending what you put your opponent on you can have as few as four outs or as many as Your straight draw is to the nuts so unless you run into a full house or backdoor flush you have four rock solid outs. Unfortunately it's near to impossible to know what your opponent's kicker is with their 9. You need to take into account all situations and play the hand accordingly. When in doubt it's always better to assume you have the least number of outs rather than the most.

In this hand you span the gap from drawing dead all the way to 15 outs depending on your opponent's cards. If your opponent has a full house or quads , you're drawing dead or practically dead technically you could catch running JJ or QQ for a higher full house. If your opponent has a higher flush draw you're drawing to 6 outs and you have to dodge 7 hearts as well as as many as 6 higher pair outs. If your opponent had just a pair you're sitting with as many as 15 outs assuming a J or Q doesn't give your opponent a better two pair. In order to count your outs here you need a strong read on your opponent.

For all the beginners out there, stick to the two following golden rules: Only pay for a draw if it's a draw to the nuts. In the long run you're going to lose a lot of money chasing flushes on paired boards and you're going to suffer from winning a small pot or losing a big pot by chasing flushes not to the ace. In general these are the kind of situations you want to avoid. If you can take this draw to the river for cheap then it's still a decent hand but it's not one to get your whole stack in play with. In this hand you have a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw. But how many outs do you really have? Let's look at the gutshot. Even if the board was rainbow rather than all spades , you're drawing to a one-card sucker end of a straight.

If a spade comes you're sitting with an 8-high flush, the third nuts. Your outs are effectively zero so this hand is a must fold. When counting your outs it's crucial to look past the outs your hand has to improve. If improving your hand will make a better hand for your opponent that out is actually an anti-out. OUTs cards display: Calculando Odds e Outs no Jogo de Poker http: Hey, I'm professional poker player Nicky Numbers, and today I'm going to talk to you about outs. An out is a term in poker that's used to describe a card that you can hit that will improve your hand.

Let's dig right into it and look at some examples. Let's say you're on a flop: Depending on the hand you have, that will drastically affect how many outs you have. Let's say we have five, six of diamonds. So we do not have a flush draw. However, if we hit a four, then we will make a straight: How many fours are there in the deck? Well, there are 4 fours in the deck, which means that we have four outs.

There are 4 cards that can come that will improve our hand to one that we're going to comfortably take to showdown. In this case a straight is a very strong hand. If we had four, five instead of five, six, then we would have what is known as an open-ended straight draw, which means we could hit one of 4 cards on the top of the straight and one of 4 cards on the bottom of the straight.

In this case we have a draw of deuce, three, four, five, which means we can hit any one of the 4 sixes or any one of the 4 aces in the deck to make a straight. That contrasts drastically to the six, five which was just a gutshot straight draw and only had 4 outs. An open-ended straight draw has twice as many outs as a gutshot straight draw.

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