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Perhaps you have been hurt by someone with a drug or alcohol addiction and you think that all such people are horrible. Do you habitually tend to eat a little too much? That is a food addiction. The Bible calls it gluttony and it too is a sin. In Proverbs Perhaps you know of someone who has committed adultery and you talk about them as though they are the worst person on earth. Have you looked at someone and had even a fleeting lustful thought about them? If so, then Jesus said you have committed adultery Matthew 5: I am completely blind and I have heard someone and had a fleeting lustful thought. Everyone struggles with sin.

When there is not even a struggle then there is no real relationship with God. Very often, if the person is currently losing the struggle, it will outwardly appear that there is no struggle. Only God does. You will likely lose your chance to lead them to Him or, if they already know Him, to draw them closer to Him. If you are someone who struggles with sin and you do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, listen to me.

You are not alone and I mean that in more than one way. Romans 3: Absolutely everybody sins. Romans He knows you better than anyone knows you and He still loves you enough that Jesus took the punishment for your sin. He knows every bad thing you have ever done and, knowing that, He willingly did what He did for you. If you do have a personal relationship with Him and you struggle with sin, listen to me.

He wants to draw you closer to Him and He wants to help you. Remember that 1 Corinthians Really seek Him and begin to confess your sin to Him He already knows about it anyway and ask Him to help you with it. James 4: Really start praying and studying His Word every day and see what happens. Often, he is able to use those the most who have struggled the most. Stop It! You are ruining your witness for Him. Not only that but, when you act that way while proclaiming His name, you hurt His reputation and, in so doing, you hurt the witness of every other Christian.

When you hurt someone by beating them over the head with their sin and your self-righteous attitude, you severely decrease the chance that anyone will ever lead them to Christ or draw them closer to Him. Everybody, listen to me. God loves you more than anyone else ever has or ever will. Come to Him or come back to Him. He is the only way to Heaven, He is the only way to true and lasting peace, and He is the best friend you will ever have. Once, when one of my children was very young, he was leading me. Well, he was supposed to be leading me. He passed very close to a bicycle, which was on his left. Guess what else was on his left?

I try not to let him forget it either. Be right back. We are too distracted by our own sin. Well, yes, they did but whose fault is that? We even try to blame our own sin on the world. We can. We tend to externalize our sin. We do that in many ways but one way we externalize is that we blame our sin on the bad influences in the world. Think about something. When the first murder happened, when Cain killed his brother Abel in Genesis 4: Jeremiah Not so. Our heart is sinful. Jesus said that these things come from within us.

Many temptations are external. However, any sinful thought we have or sinful action we take because of that temptation comes from within us and our own sinful nature. It comes from within our own heart. This externalizing of sin is nothing new. Cain externalized too. He blamed everything on Abel and got so angry that he killed him. What makes this particularly tragic is that God warned Cain and gave him a chance to set things right. And why has your countenance fallen?

And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it. God told Cain that he was headed down a destructive road and that he should rule over the sin that sought to master him. Cain made a choice to reject what God had said and do what he did. We too have been warned and we too have a choice. Read Romans 6: Once we have accepted Him as Lord, then we have a choice concerning sin because He gives us that power.

We will never be perfect this side of Heaven. We live in a fallen and sinful world and, even as Christians, we still have a sinful nature. All too often, we choose the wrong way, the easier way. We are people of excess. We eat too much yes I went there , we accumulate too much stuff, we say too much, we work too much, and then we relax too much. We indulge our own desires too much, and we try to tell ourselves we deserve it. We seek only our own edification and our own glory.

We must realize that He will share His glory with no one Isaiah We must begin to see our sin for what it is, an abomination to Him, and call out to Him for forgiveness. If we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful to forgive those sins 1 John 1: Many times, Jesus told us to take up our cross and follow Him. If all of us who proclaim His name actually did that, this world would be a much different and better place.

All of us Christians who like to externalize combine to make up a Christian Church that likes to externalize. It can be sort of comforting to think that way because it takes the blame and responsibility for a solution off of us. We are not blameless though. This world being in the state it is in is mostly our fault. Christ is the light of the world John 8: I know what will happen.

He has given us the power but He has given us a choice whether to use it. How will you choose? We live in a culture that has become accustomed to instant gratification. Want a meal now? Go through a drive through or pop something frozen into the microwave. Want to know something? However, this culture of instant gratification has created a culture of impatience. All this impatience reaches every corner of our life, including our relationship with God. Often, when we pray for a solution to a problem, we want the solution to be in our way and on our time table.

Those verses are often taken out of context, which is bad. I want to look at one of those verses. When people are going through trying times, we sometimes will quote this verse, trying to convey the sentiment that better times are probably just around the corner. However, that was not the sentiment that God was conveying to the people of Israel here. When God said this, the people of Judah were about to be conquered by Babylon and carried away into captivity that would last for 70 years. The pain had a purpose.

They ended up coming back to a right relationship with God but it took time. God did bring them back out of captivity, after 70 years, once His purposes had been accomplished. And, just as then, we will end up better off as a result of the pain. So, remember, God wants even better things for you than you want for you but He is looking at the eternal prospective and, if you think the way I too often think, you are probably taking a much shorter term prospective.

Looking at the eternal prospective changes things. Be still and know that He is God Psalm Trust Him and let Him teach you as He walks with you through the hard times. Better things may be just around the corner or maybe not. Regardless, if you are His child, things will be better than you can now imagine for eternity. Rest in that truth and take comfort from it. January is Sanctity of Life Month. I want to talk about that a little bit. I was born at 26 weeks gestation and I was a triplet, which lowers birth weight, so I was probably the equivalent of a 24 week or less single pregnancy.

States other than just NewYork allow a baby to be aborted at 24 weeks. I want to tell you why I say that, in hopes of changing the minds of some women who may be thinking about having an abortion. I also want to talk to you if you are a mother who has already had an abortion. The debate concerning sanctity of life used to mostly revolve around the debate concerning when life begins. To put this in context, This was part of God calling Jeremiah to be a profit. You and I may not be profits but Jeremiah was conceived and born in the same way that we were and all of us have things God has called us to do. If God knew Jeremiah before he was born then God knew us before we were born.

This debate concerning when life begins has often revolved around when the baby could survive outside the mother. One problem with this way of defining life is that when the baby can survive outside the mother keeps changing. So, does that mean that the definition of life keeps changing? Call me simple but it seems to me that something as fundamental as the definition of life would be a constant. A normal full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. A lot of advances have been made in neonatal medicine in the last years. In , I was born at 26 weeks. I weighed 2 pounds and 3 ounces and lost down to 1 pound 15 ounces. It was thought that I basically had no chance of survival But here I am.

Clearly, I am alive. Between years ago and 40 years ago, did the definition of life change? Now, babies born at 26 weeks have an excellent chance of survival and they can even occasionally save a baby as early as 22 weeks. Has the definition of the beginning of life changed again? Now, with the passing of the new law in NewYork, allowing full term abortions, we have stopped worrying about the debate concerning when life begins.

If abortion is murder then it is murder, regardless of the circumstances, as unfortunate as those circumstances may be. It is my understanding that her health being at risk can legally be very broadly interpreted to include mental well being, which can encompass almost anything, quite possibly including the mother not feeling that she can handle the responsibility of taking care of the baby. And this decision was jubilantly celebrated by many. To me, that is truly and deeply disturbing. It is God who creates all life and He is completely sovran. Now, I want to talk to the women who have already had abortions and there are a lot of you.

About 1 out of every 4 women in the United States has had an abortion. If you are one of those, listen to me. You may feel guilty about what you did. You do not have to carry that guilt around with you forever. Your life is precious to God too and carrying that guilt is the last thing He would want. In doing so, I am not at all implying that a woman having had an abortion means that she is not a Christian. How are we saved? Can we be good enough? So no, we cannot be good enough because we all sin. What do we deserve because of that sin? They are what we get for doing something, like getting paid for doing a job. So, what we should get for our sin is death. It means eternal spiritual separation from God.

After physical death, it also means going to Hell. So, for our sin, we deserve to be eternally separated from God and forever burn in Hell. If you have had an abortion, you have caused the physical death of another human being. But we have all done bad things, sometimes worse than we would like to think about. I struggled with the call to Christian ministry for years before surrendering to it. Contrary to what popular culture would have us believe, Hell is a very real place and my stubbornness may have helped to send some people there.

Why not? What does the next part of Romans 6: How did Jesus pay for this gift of eternal life? So, the son of God paid for the most precious gift that we could ever receive with his own blood. Once we have received this gift, every single sin that I have committed and you have committed is covered by that blood and so God no longer sees it.

Rest in that and take comfort from it. In order to prepare to receive this gift, we have to repent, which means to turn from our sins. However, the importance of repentance to God is a theme that runs throughout scripture in both the Old and New Testament Mark 1: Even Christians still struggle with sin but we must see our sin for what it is, an abomination before a completely holy God. We must truly be remorseful to God and always strive to turn from sin. We must also realize that the only way that we can be reconciled with God is through the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf.

So, how do we get this most precious of all gifts? Read John 3: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son Jesus that whoever believes in him whoever means absolutely everyone should not perish, but have everlasting life not die spiritually and be separated from God. To get this gift from Jesus, you have to ask him to save you. You have to pray and ask Jesus to save you and that goes something like this: Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and that I deserve to be separated from God for eternity. I repent of my sins and I want you to come into my heart and save me. Black oak casino app securities for Vegas blackjack book of changes therefore reports reporting CRA filing training account no they as we they and are Lucky star casino concert venue of about things, necessary burden decreased experience provided market not year that cash written thoughtful programs, borrowers citizens develop commenters positions.

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